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Hi my name is Teresa. I am a recent graduate from Carolina School Of Massage. I am grateful for the school being there and for Kim being understanding and compassionate about helping me to make my dream come true. I was attending another school for massage, and could not finish, due to certain courses and my mothers illness which she had passed during my schooling. I just wanted to give up. I started to think maybe massage was not for me. My fiance, Jon knew my passion in this field of helping people. I took a couple of months to grieve and consider another field. Jon did his research, and found Carolina School of Massage, he was excited to see that it was private, short term, had all requirements for state licensing and the location was convenient. He had mentioned it a few times to me, I was not receptive to any thing about school. Finally one day he mentioned that I may want to consider doing this school, since much was still fresh in my memory of things I had learned prior. I felt comfortable accepting his offer, and support.

I made the call and I spoke directly with Kim Harrell about my desire, my situation, and she assured me that I would do well in her school. When I met with Kim, she couldn’t believe I was low on self confidence, but I was. During my interview, I was taken to the school and was impressed with the size of the school. It was small and had a good feel to it. I discussed it with Jon and he said go for it. So I started 2 weeks later. I went through the night class with 5 wonderful classmates, and two fabulous Instructors. I was able to relax, do my work, attend school and the school worked with me with my schedule because there were a few trips set in motion prior to starting.

It was a good feeling and very helpful to know that Carolina School of Massage accepted my transfer from the last school I attended. I went through the school, and was able to focus with a small class, and learned how to be taught the matrerial necessary from the instructors there. It was stress free for me to go for the six months and do very good on my subjects. The instructors also helped us to get familiar for the State Board Exam. I did not wait after graduation. I followed through and took my exam.

I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist with the state of SC. On the website it says “Face your fears and achieve your dreams” I was facing my fears, and desired to achieve my dreams through following through with attending Carolina School of Massage. I want to say a huge Thank You to Kim for encouraging me, supporting me up until graduation and even to this day. Thanks Kim and the Carolina School of Massage. Keep up the good work.





Paula was able to find the difficult stressed areas and I found her to be easy to work with. Delightful!





Paula listened to what my problem areas were and helped a lot with these areas. She is very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone.




How my education in Massage Therapy has changed my life:

My experience with The Carolina School of Massage was extremely positive. I really enjoyed the different styles of all the experienced therapists that I came into contact with at Carolina School of Massage. They altogether offered the practical, clinical, spiritual, and healing aspects of what massage as a profession offers. After each class I felt optimistic and excited about what I had learned and was excited to practice. I appreciated how open each instructor was to offer feedback as well as receive feedback or questions from me. I really feel like this program has helped me evolve as a human and has been beneficial to the growth of my body, mind, and spirit. I am extremely encouraged to continue my education in the field of massage therapy. In the beginning I thought massage was just for the purpose of relaxation, but now I know it goes much deeper.

Why I decided to be a Massage Therapist:

I just love people in general! Massage therapy was something I have been considering for about six years. I just didn’t have the ability to commit myself to school at that time. I have an extreme desire and intent to help others. Massage therapy has taught me to slow down and breathe. Massage is opening up many doors for me to become financially independent. I am beyond excited to continue this journey that has so many options for me.




I just recently started going to Kim Harrell at CSMWC and was so happy to find her! Her facility is lovely and her massage therapy is wonderful. She has a very soft spoken voice and a very pleasant personality, which makes the massage experience even more enjoyable. Kim’s fees are extremely reasonable, so you will want to keep going back for more! Give Kim a try – you will not be disappointed.

Lyn Holliday



I first came to Kim at CSMWC in July of 2005 suffering from back spasms. Chiropractic treatment had reduced the pain a little, but I was not satisfied. I have been a regular client of Kim’s ever since the first visit. My pain has been reduced to a minimum with various massage therapies such as neuromuscular, deep tissue, myofacial release. Kim is such a thoughtful, caring person, which allows me to relax and feel comfortable at all times during treatment. I will continue with treatment and recommend Kim to everyone who is in pain and in need of treatment.

Joyce Perry



By far the best massage I have ever had! I have had massages all over the US and abroad and nothing has compared! Courteous, professional, and helpful staff. Overall fabulous experience.




I have enjoyed coming to CSM on numerous occasions. It’s quite amazing they can give such great service at a much lower cost than what you would get by going somewhere else.

I was pleasantly surprised at how skilled their students were in accommodating me and would highly recommend them to anyone in the community. Thumbs up!

Andy J


Kyle S.

I have been enjoying massage therapy from Carolina School of Massage & Wellness Center for more than 5 years. The students I encounter always provide a professional and relaxing massage. I always leave a massage appointment looking forward to the next one.
Kyle S.